Nick Clark is a New Media Artist specializing in 3D/Printing and Virtual Reality. Clarks’ focus is on new process and means to transcribe digital and physical planes of existence into reality. Awarded with two Art Residencies in 2017; The Neutral Zone’s Visual & Media Arts: NEA Artist in Residency Program, and the seven month live-in Frisco Art Residency. During this time Clark produced 100’s of pieces showing extreme self motivation and determination.  

Clark holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Digital Fabrication and Watercolour, Mixed Media from Eastern Michigan University. Clark was the first to graduate Eastern Michigan with a Digital Fabrication concentration. He helped pioneer the structure of the program, working with professors and working as the lab tech maintaining equipment. He was honored with the Sheldon Iden Award for his achievements.

Before Clark sought out his BFA, he was a professional video game player. From 2005-2011, Clark traveled the country and even some parts of the world playing Counter-Strike: Source (a team-based objective-oriented first-person shooter). A game of five team members vs another team of five, Clark was team captain. A captain must lead his team, design strategies, and set an example. This position demanded long hours and patients, with team members spending over 60+ hours a week together.

photo credit: erinimages