3D Prints

Filament FAQ

What are your recommended print tempatures? 
Extruder - 210°C / Heated Bed 70°C

Can I request a custom colour blend?
Yes, if you have a palette in mind it is possible to create it for you.
Please email nick@nickclark.co for pricing and scheduling. 

Why isn’t your filament 1.75mm?
I have found my machine sweet spot is around 1.42mm +/- 0.05mm.
In most cases it is a simple slicer config to change filament diameter.

How do I change my machines Filament Diameter? 
Follow this link and enter your slicer.

Is there any technical data on your filament?
Biopolymer 4043D Technical Data Sheet

Do you ship outside the United States?
In most cases the anwser is no.
If you are willing to pay for International Shipping email for a quote.

Any other questions feel free to email.